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Public Safety

Johnny understands the value and importance of public safety and has worked diligently with County Council and all stakeholders to strengthen these critical services.

Sheriff's Office

Supervisor Cribb has worked closely with Sheriff Lewis to ensure the Sheriff’s Office has what it needs to serve and protect our county.  Alongside County Council, Johnny remains committed to meeting the needs of the Sheriff’s Dept. to serve and protect our growing county.  In the face of the “Defund the Police” movement, Supervisor Cribb and County Council increased funding to the Sheriff’s Dept. to keep our residents and businesses safe.

“Johnny Cribb supports public safety, not with just words but with his actions. Johnny supports the Sheriffs Office and acquired funding for 50 new deputy sheriff positions, completed a state of the art forensic and evidence laboratory facility to modernize criminal evidence processing to better serve the citizens and courts. Johnny  works with the sheriff to provide the resources needed to protect the community and reduce crime. Please join me in supporting and re-electing Johnny Cribb County Supervisor” - Sheriff S. Duane Lewis

Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

EMS is among the greatest challenges in providing services to our residents.  Due to industry shortages in the amount of Paramedics and EMT’s, we have worked diligently to provide funding and innovative measures to meet our needs.  Berkeley County is now one of only two EMS agencies in the state licensed to teach the initial EMT course in house and recently graduated our first class of eight EMT’s.  We have also worked with leadership at Trident Tech to stand up a Paramedic training program built around the working professional seeking the required training. 


This, along with increased salaries and a continued commitment to providing quality equipment and resources, will help us meet the challenges ahead.  The county also expanded our partnership with the City of Goose Creek and the Central Berkeley Fire Department to assist with EMS calls for service.  Twelve new positions have been added to the ranks in EMS as well as converting four of our busiest 24 hour units to 12 hour service units.

“At the request of Supervisor Cribb and Berkeley County, Trident Technical College now offers a paramedic program for those already working as EMTs.  The program is delivered in a hybrid format perfect for working professionals looking to advance their careers.”  - Dr. Mary Thornley, President, Trident Technical College  


The Cribb administration and county council has worked closely in partnership with the county’s Volunteer Fire Departments.  Immediate steps included working alongside the Fire Chief’s Board to strengthen the fire service contract that included increased expectations in the areas of training, response requirements, and financial reporting.  There has been an increase in paid positions within the depts. and multiple departmental consolidations have taken us from 26 volunteer departments to 17 departments.  The county hired a full-time “Fire Coordinator” position in FY ’22 to facilitate a greater level of communication and cooperation.  The county also contributed $2,800,000 to purchase emergency radios in ‘22 for the volunteer fire departments. 

"Mr. Cribb along with County Council have continued to work together in supporting the fire service within Berkeley County. Together with the County Chiefs Association they have improved and strengthened the requirements of fire contracts which enhances fire protection within Berkeley County. Mr. Cribb was very supportive in improving the radio communications for all Public Safety and has worked hard to secure extra funding to assist all Fire Departments in replacing outdated communication equipment to meet the requirements of the State Palmetto800 radio system." - Ben Waring, Fire Chief Pine Ridge Fire Department and Vice President, County Fire Chiefs Association 

911 Communications

This valued department helps facilitate emergency operations for all responding organizations in the county.  Under the Cribb administration the 911 center has received four additional positions and most importantly a new 911 Communications Center to operate out of.  The prior facility was in a small unrated metal building not suitable to withstand heavy storm conditions and the new center, completed in February, 2021, is built to Category V standards with backup capabilities for all services.  The facility is equipped with all necessary components to house the county’s response team that remain to serve during emergency events.

“The additional work space provided room to grow along with the benefit of improved technology for phone, internet and radio.” - Teresa Barnett, 34-year career in Berkeley County Dispatch Center (retired)

Emergency Operations Center (EOC)

Similar to the county’s 911 facility, there was a need to relocate and modernize our EOC.  In February, 2021, we completed construction and opened our new center providing safer, and more adequate space for the county’s response team and partners.  The center is a Category V rated facility and is located in the county’s administration building offering a greater level of resources needed in the time of an emergency.

“The county’s new EOC is rated for all hazards, which means we can count on it being there and ready for any foreseeable emergency.  It’s been equipped to handle emergencies in the 21st century.  This makes all Berkeley County citizens safer even when things are at their worst.” - Ben Almquist, Emergency Preparedness Director

Emergency Radios

The county invested $9,000,000 installing radio towers throughout the county to improve emergency communications for all first responders.  Prior to the new system, there were “dead spots” throughout the county where emergency communications were inconsistent or not available.  Berkeley County pays the $1,500,000 annual cost for service on the towers that is utilized by every emergency agency in the county, incorporated and unincorporated. 

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