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On the campaign trail in ’18 while talking to thousands of individuals, Johnny learned that “roads” were the top concern of residents and businesses in the county.  This included not only dealing with traffic congestion, but also road conditions.  Roads have been a priority of the Cribb administration from Day 1 and TEAM Berkeley has worked tirelessly to bring much needed improvements in this area.  Though there is much work to do, County Council alongside our dedicated staff remain committed to addressing road infrastructure needs in the county.    

In Johnny’s first term in office, the county has committed over $283,000,000 in road projects throughout the county. Capacity projects and intersections have totaled over $232M, $19.4M in paving dirt roads, and resurfacing in excess of $31M.  Johnny worked alongside staff and County Council to compile a list of infrastructure projects, based on constituent feedback, for voter’s consideration on the November 8, 2022 ballot.  If passed, this would be a renewal of the ’08 and ’14 Penny Sales Tax and would bring approximately $500M in additional road improvement projects to the county over seven years.

Success on Stalled Projects

Railroad Avenue

Railroad Avenue in Hanahan is a project dating back more than twenty years.  Starting with an initial budget of $4M, this project ballooned to over $20M due to a multitude of delays and setbacks.  After receiving a federal earmark from Congressman Henry Brown in ’01, the project was added to both the ’08 and ’14 Referendums due to budget shortfalls.  After decades of delays with seemingly no path forward, this critical public safety and regionally important transportation project was awarded for construction in March, 2021 and is scheduled to be complete in December, 2022. 

“We can’t thank Supervisor Cribb and his team enough for making this Public Safety and Quality of Life project a priority.  After many years of disappointments and setbacks, this regionally important project will soon provide a much-needed connector road in our community.  It is no coincidence that under Supervisor Cribb this project received the commitment it deserved and the stalemate was broken.” - Christie Rainwater, Mayor 

Cane Bay Entrance and Exit

Cane Bay is a thriving community in Berkeley County with over 13,000 residents, but up until recently had only one way in and out of the community.  This presented significant public safety and quality of life issues that needed immediate attention.  Supervisor Cribb called a meeting with all stakeholders to find a path forward and thanks to the efforts of many, we now have two additional means of ingress/egress with a fourth access point permitted and three additional locations committed to.

“These additional connection points are critical in providing public safety services in and around the community.  These additional points of access directly reduce response time and that helps greatly in our efforts to protect life and property.  I am a resident of Cane Bay and the changes under Johnny’s administration are proof positive that we have the right person in the Supervisor’s office.”
Chuck Taylor, Central Berkeley Fire & EMS Board Member

Dirt-to-Pave Projects

In 2014 fifty-nine dirt to pave projects were approved on the Sales Tax Referendum.  When Supervisor Cribb arrived in January 2019 not one of the fifty-nine projects had started.  These dirt roads are not only labor intensive for staff to maintain, but we also know that in South Carolina 30% of fatalities occur on 5% of the roads with those roads being rural roads.  Johnny made this area a top priority and though faced with four years of no progress, significant progress has been made.  As of September 2022, twenty-three projects have been completed with eight roads currently under construction.  Twenty-one additional roads have completed design and permitting and will go out for bid by the end of October 2022.

Much of the progress on paving dirt roads has come by the county establishing an in-house paving crew under the Cribb administration that has both saved time and money on projects that have been completed by our Roads and Bridges Department.

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